Time for Steve McNamara and the LTDA CoM to go…today!!!

After reading the email sent to all LTDA members this morning it’s clear Steve McNamara had no will or desire or influence to move the Taxi Trade forward. It’s time he and the rest of the CoM stood down.

The LTDA CoM, as it stands, has failed the trade without question. If Steve McNamara knew of what was coming and never mentioned it or stood up to it then he should go today and if he didn’t know about it that’s an even clearer indication that he has lost the confidence and respect of tfl and the trade.

How he can speak of demonstrations when, only a few weeks ago, he derided those demonstrating on London Bridge and Bank Junction? He and the entire CoM are devoid of ideas and motivation to stop the relentless assault on this fine industry.

Mr Orange calls upon every taxi driver and ‘stakeholder’ to demand the removal of Steve McNamara and that the entire LTDA Council of Management stand down with immediate effect and allow new and invigorating drivers to take their place and start to defend and rebuild the trade that the LTDA have been complicit in dismantling through their apathy.

All Taxi drivers and not just LTDA members should be demonstrating outside Taxi House and asking what the hell the LTDA have been doing with the £2.1 million pounds worth of subs it gets each year, because they have not been using it to protect the jobs and livelihoods of its members and the trade. Today’s email proves that without any doubt. .

Don’t allow Steve McNamara and the LTDA CoM to tell you they will stand up for your job. They have not and they cannot. Act today while you can.

Steve McNamara and the entire CoM should go immediately!!!!!


Intimidation is Rife at the LTDA…From The Very Top. The COM should be removed IMMEDIATELY!!…

The LTDA released an email yesterday (27/09/18) regarding the AGM on the 21st September 2018. It stated the following.

“The behaviour of some members, the same members involved in accusations of intimidation, was frankly shocking”

They are absolutely right. The LTDA COM are guilty of intimidating members, lying to protect their jobs and misleading you to make you think it’s not the LTDA COM, it’s those other people who seek to cause trouble.

Let’s get a few things straight about the AGM.

Richard Massett, Steve McNamara, Paul Brennan, Anthony Street and the rest of the COM behaved disgracefully at the AGM.

Here’s how:

At the AGM, Richard Massett laughed and incited the meeting by saying “You will like this one” prior to trying to bring in a rule that leaves more questions than it supposedly answers.

It was clear provocation and frankly he should be removed immediately for his statement to the members present. The manor in which the so called rule was brought in was under handed and sneaky in the most extreme way.

When the LTDA speak about violence it’s against ordinary members who were pushed and threatened at the AGM by COM members.

Steve McNamara continued to try to tell stories about meetings with frothy coffee and fancy biscuits but the members present got so bored that they groaned aloud so much that even he realised he’d lost the room and quickly shut up. As the LTDA Secretary he should resign immediately for continually failing to protect his members and the trade.

There was a recording played at the AGM in which it was proven that the COM had lied about claiming at an AGM in 2016 they had voted to dissolve the North and South branches, there are even minutes available that show there was no delegate proposal to allow such a vote to take place at the AGM in question.

They even claimed the recording had been doctored like they were in an episode of CSI. If it wasn’t so serious it would have been laughable to the extreme. This COM will lie, lie and lie again to protect their own self interest. At your expense!

The 2018 AGM revealed that there was a COM meeting held in June 2018 under Chatham House rules, which means what is said at the meeting can be shared but who said what cannot. It was agreed at the meeting that any breach would result in removal from the COM.

After the meeting Anthony Street and Paul Brennan then spoke to another member of the LTDA and revealed the name of a person present and what he said at the meeting, leaving this member potentially accountable for the suspension of the branch and exposed to reprisals towards this member in clear breach of the Chatham House rule agreement and as such should be dismissed from the COM.

They both lied about revealing the name of this LTDA member at the AGM last week stating they could not remember saying the name despite being presented with clear evidence to support the breach against them at the AGM.

This leaves anything they say or do regarding the so called investigation into the Central Branch in question. In fact it puts every single email and statement they make into question.

Regarding this so called postal vote in the name of democracy ask yourself this.


Sets the questions?

Decides how often?

Nominates new members too stand for election?

Checks the results of the so called ballots?

That’s right… THE COM.

The same people that for 20 odd years have been telling you they’ve been fighting your corner. What have they won? Nothing!!

Not a single case of significance have the LTDA won. Uber, TFL, Credit Card Mandate, Bank Junction, CSH…


Do you trust them to be fair and transparent???

The LTDA say that most members are happy with them. Are you? Start asking serious questions about how the COM protect themselves at your cost.

You’ve suffered,,Have THEY!!!

Look closely, it’s not hard to see for yourself.

Doors Locked and Be Lucky 😉

“You Will Like This One…” Richard Massett and Andy Kavanagh please step forward and explain yourselves….

On Friday 21st September at approximately 12.15pm the LTDA COM tried to fundamentally change the rules and voting system of the the entire Association.

As people might know, the Central Branch, which represents over 90% of the membership, has been suspended since June on the most flimsy and ridiculous allegations possible. Since then the only remaining Branch is the Suburban one and that has been blocked by the LTDA COM from being attended by Green Badge holders. In those Suburban meeting the LTDA COM have been plotting the demise of the Association and at the AGM they attempted to fundamentally change the system of rule changes and branches with the vote of one man call Andy Kavanagh.

What happened right at the very end of the meeting began with the words “You will like this one” from Richard Massett. In a clear attempt to goad the 100 or so Green Badge members in the hall, he proposed a rule change on the basis of there only being one branch and that Andy Kavanagh had been nominated as a delegate to vote at the AGM by the Suburban Branch. Remember this Branch is rarely attended by any regular LTDA members. In fact it’s mainly attended by LTDA reps and Mr Massett and Anthony Street only. This sole branch had put forward this rule change that was suggested by…. An LTDA COM member.

In case you missed it here’s the timeline:

1. LTDA COM member suggests a major rule change at COM meeting.

2. Goes as a formal question to the only remaining Suburban branch.

3. At the Suburban branch the question is approved.

4. The Suburban branch appoint Andy Kavanagh as a delegate.

5. At the next COM meeting the rule change is approved.

6. At the AGM the rule is voted on by the only delegate allowed to vote, Andy Kavanagh, and is passed by Richard Massett.

Does that sound proper? Does that sound right. A branch with less than 5% of the membership changing a rule that no Green Badge holder can vote on?

Of course it’s not right. It’s a total stitch up by the LTDA COM. Depriving the Central Branch from any say or participating in the vote or discussion.

The LTDA COM should hang their heads in shame at the treatment of members who take time of work to attend Branch meetings and put work into the trade free of charge and are then treated with utter contempt.

Be prepared for an email from the LTDA stating that they wish the Association to be fair and democratic. That they want more people to take part in the running of it. That your input is valued. It’s not. It’s considered irrelevant. It’s considered meddlesome. They want you at arms length where they can control the agenda and not have to answer questions from drivers who only want the LTDA to be stronger and more proactive to protect your trade and your livelihood.

How do you know that? Well for 3 years drivers have sought to engage with the LTDA COM and been treated with total disrespect by Steve McNamara, Richard Massett, Paul Brennan, Anthony Street and the rest of the COM.

Do you think they will change now???

Don’t bet your house on it!!

Coming next. The end of Steve McNamara and how his stories and tales have finally run out of steam.

LTDA AGM 21st September 2018…Why you Should want to attend!!

With the AGM on Friday 21st at Friends House being the most important meeting of the LTDA, Mr Orange is going to set out some possible scenarios that the LTDA COM might seek to do.

1 – Key COM members not turning up.

Will Massett, McNamara, Street, Brennan and even Oddy actually attend?

2 – Cancellation of the AGM.

It’s been done with the Branch so why not with the AGM? The COM have history of using anything to avoid being held accountable. They will use anything as a reason. Don’t give them one!

3 – Surprises!!! Yes the COM love surprises don’t they. What will it be this year?

Abolition of all branches?

Rules changes to say that new members on the COM have been/will need to be approved by the… er…COM?

Resignations? Who knows, maybe certain COM members can see the writing on the wall and want to get out while they can.

LTDA Enterprises! Expect some surprising news with this company, that you have no share in, being announced.

The dissolving of the LTDA! Yes that’s right, maybe they will decide to dissolve it and try to go of into the sunset with the assets??They are already refusing to be transparent with LTDA Enterprises so who knows.

One thing is for sure, this AGM should be attended by every single LTDA member.

It’s vital that you as a member take time to look after your Association otherwise it’s left open to manipulation and abuse by the people who have, for over 25 years, done very little to protect your job.

If you don’t look after your job who do you think should?

Give up an hour of your time, see what happens when drivers like you ask questions to the people running your Association.

If it goes wrong you’ll only have yourself to blame. Don’t be that person!

10am Friends House 21st September 2018

Doors Locked and Be Lucky 😉

LTDA AGM this Friday….Part 2

The AGM on Friday is the first and possibly the last chance for the majority of LTDA members to see what is happening with their Association.

The LTDA COM have a history of lies and manipulation of the rules, as well as avoidance and obstruction when it comes to being held accountable.

LTDA members must be aware that the Association is in such financial trouble that it’s possible it could be bankrupt in the next 2 or 3 years unless there is wholesale change in regards to how the LTDA is run.

Leaving Steve McNamara, Richard Massett, Bob Oddy , Anthony Street, Paul Brennan and all of the other COM members to walk away and potentially deprive you and the entire membership of millions of pounds with the sale of the property and assets owned by LTDA Enterprises. Remember the LTDA itself owns nothing of value!

Mr Orange is asking that as many LTDA members attend the AGM as possible so you can all see for yourselves how devious the COM are and how they treat its members with distain and disrespect.

The LTDA have advertised this AGM only because they have too. They have not sent an email out informing the membership of it. They have not even mentioned it in their newspaper columns in Taxi Magazine.


Don’t you think that’s strange??

Come along and find out what exactly is going on.

See you there, Friends House from 10am on Friday 21st September.

Doors Locked and Be Lucky 😉

LTDA AGM this Friday….Part 1

It the AGM this Friday at Friends House from 10am and it’s vital every single LTDA member attends. The new Taxi paper came out today and once again not a single mention of it is in there. The same happened last month. Why do you think that is? In truth, it’s because the LTDA COM do not want you to attend. They want to be left alone to run the LTDA by themselves without being held to account.

They enjoy Private Healthcare, Paid Holidays and Huge Pensions all paid for by your subs. Do you know how much Steve McNamara, Richard Massett, Paul Brennan, Anthony Street and the rest earn?? No! And the LTDA won’t tell you. Shocking isn’t it!!

Considering £1,000,000 plus was spent on salaries last year you’d think they want to tell us what your subs are being spent on.

Well come down and ask.

It’s at Friends House from 10am.

Later this week Mr Orange will be telling you all what misdemeanors the LTDA COM have been up to I’ve the last few years to show you why your attendance is vital at this critical time in the LTDA history.

Doors locked and Be Lucky 😉